Amapas Real Estat

Primarily Mid- to High-Priced Condominiums • Beachfront & Hillside • Excellent Bay & City Views

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Sitting side by side on the hills surrounding Puerto Vallarta’s southern boundary, Amapas and Conchas Chinas are upscale residential neighborhoods with both upper and lower sections, as divided by the Carr. 200 South highway. Here, traditional Vallarta-style villas and modern condominiums sit next to each other, sharing a spectacular view of Banderas Bay, in the case of those located high up on the hill, or within walking distance to the beach, or direct access to it for the lower sections.

What makes the area exceptional are the amazing views. There isn’t much in the way of shopping or restaurant opportunities, that all happens down below in downtown Vallarta, so in most cases you’ll need a car. Here, you can enjoy peace and quiet with panoramic views of the bay, with all that Vallarta has to offer just minutes away.

Getting to Amapas

Several streets along the highway, such as Callejón de la Igualdad and Hortensia, allow access to higher Amapas, while the lower neighborhood can be accessed via Amapas St. in Emiliano Zapata.

Neighborhoods & Neighboring Regions

Amapas is located right next to the Romantic Zone (Emiliano Zapata), making this neighborhood particularly alluring to those already familiar with Emiliano Zapata’s many restaurants, galleries, coffee shops and other attractions. As you pass Conchas Chinas on the highway and enter the South Shore, population density decreases. However, you will find several spectacular residential developments and condos located alongside the scenic highway as you continue southbound.

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Amapas Real Estate Options

Amapas is one of the most popular areas for Puerto Vallarta real estate. Many of the Amapas real estatelistings are condominiums for sale, situated in mid-size condominium projects that were built primarily from 2004-2010. The views are spectacular, and the easy access to town has made this a favorite place to live for many. But that access also means having a car, as it is a steep walking up and down these hills.

Some of the best views available in all of Banderas Bay can be enjoyed from the Puerto Vallarta condos in Amapas, for mid-to-high-end luxury real estate homes for sale and condos that are built into these hills behind and to the south of Vallarta. For many, that’s the primary reason for living and owning a property in this exclusive zone just south of Vallarta’s downtown area, nestled into the foothills of the Sierra Madre.

The steep winding roads are an adventure but lead to spectacular vistas that most Amapas homes and condominiums are privy to. The sandy beaches, rock grottos and hidden coves of Los Muertos and Banderas Bay are easily seen, or you can actually reach them directly from Los Muertos beach on foot.

Close to town, mere minutes from everything yet a world apart, this is a haven for those looking for peace of mind and a refined lifestyle. Properties tend to be expensive, many of them bought as second homes and rental properties. Hacienda-style architecture with domed cupolas and integrated palapas predominate, built on several levels to optimize the views and the mountainside lots.

Below are listed some of the Amapas Real Estate properties currently listed for sale.

Some Properties in Amapas

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